Marketing With Google Plus

It looks rather incomplete and draft for the graphic part but as far the info, you get 50+ tips as a kickstart to Google Plus pages. Make your next marketing with circles.

Celebrities On Social Media

Famous, beloved and social. Here are the top 10 ranking celebrities in 4 different social networks.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

The quickest and most essential overview of 9 of the most popular social networks for new comers. Learn their vantage and pitfall, the basic glossary, their engagement efficiency.

Global Social Media Check Up 2012

5 hot trends that reflect the social-sphere’s heartbeat for the 1st semester 2012.

The Future of Google Plus

Think beyond of your times. A hypothetical senario 40 years ahead that scripts the Google plus funeral while praising Facebook’s dominance based on present traffic stats. Exaggeration?

Social Media Image sizes Cheat Sheet

Simple but utterly handy when you are tweaking your social profile and elements’ size is your major concern and worry.

Engagement Is Real Metrics

Here are useful formulas for social marketing metrics valid for all platforms, proving that social engagement is measurable and tangible. Utilize and analyze the results of your social efforts.

User Activity On Social Networks

Basic comparison statistics for the high five of social networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.

Social Battle Of The Sexes

The way we interact with the existing and new social media channels differs greatly between men and women. In 5 “fighting” rounds you will learn about the numbers behind the social habits of the sexes and the final knock out.

Moms: Technology Power Users Jul02

Moms: Technology Power Users

Moms Do the hard job! Impressive – this report shows that moms are more techy than non-moms. Look into their digital habits.

What is Klout?

In a world where everything is measured and “deeply” analyzed it would be a miss the absence of social media influence measurement. Klout is a popular tool of this kind and this guide is good both for initiation and knowledge extension.

Social Media Marketing Report 2012

3800 marketers declare their views and concerns over the current state of social media channels. All of them agree about the value for their busines but almost the half is still seeking advice on ROI measurement and targeting. If you are in this field then it’s a must-read classic report.

Social Media Gender Split 2012

Ok Pinterest is extremely popular to women – we know it. But what’s the pie split among the other social media networks? Social bookmarking sites aren’t women’s preference.

Australian Social Media 2012

Huge online growth for Aussies. According to these statistics facebook trumps other social media both for business and personal use.

Social Media Marketing In The Middle East

Facebook outweighs other social media for business usage in Middle East and Africa.

Can We Trust Google? Jun05

Can We Trust Google?

Trust NOONE! A lot of changes have been implempented to the Google applications lately showing a change in the philosophy. User data collection and privacy involved are issues that arousing great concern lately,

20 Reasons To Switch...

If you are a facebook die hard fan this brief praise to Google plus network might be the end of your doubting Thomas attitude.

The Social Media Gender Divide

A study into the UK internet behaviour that shows 45% more engagement against other online content and further the genders segmentation.