Geek Travel Guide

A quite satiric presentation and mini travel guide perfectly aligned with the geek attitude. 3 holiday destinations for Geeks that would provide the most amazing posts and tweets ever.

Are You a Geek Test Sep25

Are You a Geek Test

From the internet to games and cinema, a true geek must have the wisdom to rule them all. Take this test and find out how much of a geek you are.

Geek Love Affair

Are you a geek in love thinking of getting yoked? “Will you marry me” is the typical phrase, but you likely need something more than classicality to get wired with your chosen. Find some humorous tips for making a really geeky wedding proposal without losing the romance a girl loves.

Nerd and Geek Difference Feb08

Nerd and Geek Difference

Can you tell a nerd from a geek? Identifying them at first sight might be confusing. Discover some of each tribe’s discrete traits and use the right lingo next time you deal with them.

Silicon Valley vs Seattle

A battle between the two techy tribes for the ultimate innovation. Who will take the game? Silicons’ hot temper or Seattle’s fierce valor? See their traits, habits and “weapons”.

Geeks Vs Nerds Jun10

Geeks Vs Nerds

The legendary battle between geeks and nerds has been around for many decades. Find here some history and finally which persona ou belong to. Don’t be afraid of the truth!