UK Football Team Loudest Fans Jan09

UK Football Team Loudest Fans

Learn more about the level of fanaticism shown by the fans of each football team in the UK. This infographic will tell you all.

Florida State vs Auburn Fans

This infographic explores mobile usage during the 2014 BCS Championship game, and shows the similarities and differences of Florida State and Auburn fans.

1 Direction Fan Cost

Die hard fan of One Direction? How deep in your parent’s pocket would you go to get the band’s merchandise, buy concert tickets and be crowned as the ulitmate 1D fan? This infographic will tell you what kind of fan you are.

Luxury Brands and Social Media

A very intriguing survey that correlates social classes with luxury brands social media engagement.

Social Sharing Button Playground

Social traffic is a hard game with many options. See here a quick evaluation of the most popular social sharing platforms that can help you strategize your marketing channel mix.

Web Equity Owning Your Local Web Presence

Claim you equity on the web by understanding and following the suggested course of actions for local internet marketing. Being a small local business doesn’t mean you cannot enter the game!

Instagram Fun Facts

150KK pictures in 10 months. Inst. stroke all of a heap! Here are the some fun facts.

The Social Media Lifecycle

A look into 4 pillars that will get you deeper in understanding your brand’s social media lifecycle. Monitor, Analyze, Engage, Integrate.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

64 recomendations grouped in 8 sections that can help you plot a marketing strategy on Facebook.

What Is The Value Of A Facebook Fan

Do you think you can estimate your facebook fans value? Be cautious, you have to consider 6 equations and the way they corralate with your brand.

What Your Facebook Page Says About Your Business

You are what you…? Your Facebook page is a dynamic extension of your company with its own personality. Read some do’s and dont’s for the various tools provided.

The Importance Of A Fan Base

People are the lifeblood of your business. The importance of relationship building is great if you are seeking loyalty.

The Cost Of Marketing On Facebook

With a pool of more than 8KK potential customers you should reckon with the cost of marketing on facebook for sure. It is estimated as much as 1$ per like.

Social Media Makes The Sale

Creating trust with your customers through your social media channels is more than likely that you’ll make the sale. Social interaction can drive ecommerce leads on holiday.

Measuring The Business Impact Of Social Media

Social media is a long term strategic marketing channel and marketers are increasingly focusing on measuring its business impact.

Effective Social Marketing Rules

Social media marketing campaigns can lead to sales success if they’re applied correctly. Here you’ll find 21 rules of thumb for running an effecive social marketing strategy.

Social Brand Value

Everything counts! What is the social value of the world’s most popular brands?

Facebook Fan Page Timeline Tutorial

A quick tutorial to help you cope with the new facebook fan page timeline.

Facebook Recruiting

Discover the potentials of Facebook network in recruiting process.

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Since Google plus launched a “silent” combat began vs Facebook. Could this be a game with no winner?