What to Know about Facebook Apps

Circus Social, an up and coming facebook apps provider, pinpoints the benefits of using tab apps on facebook fan page in terms of fan engagement and data collection.

Facebook Frenzy

Ok we all know that facebook is not just for networking, making friends, chatting, sharing moments or whatever since both individuals and businesses are met there. Above all, facebook has paved the path to social media marketing and evolved to a robust and leading marketing tool that marketers cannot leave out. See why all that frenzy with Facebook.

Mobile App Facebook Page

Marketing a mobile app on Facebook is more than just publishing a branded fan page in that it necessitates a more careful approach and advanced marketing skills to make it rise from the noise. Here is a roadmap to make it happen

Better Facebook Image Posts

Even more businesses enter the social game in an effort to reach out their fans and prospects. However, low performance in facebook fan engagement is a common concern. Salesforce offers a best practice blueprint to help us make image posts that speak for your page.

More Facebook Shares

People from InboundVisibility.com made a list of 14 keynotes for anyone out there in need for more visibility and viral sharing on Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search Rumors

A turnover in online search landscape? Facebook graph search is emerging determined to claim its share from the search pie and extend network’s advertising revenues. How will digital marketers cope with it?

Facebook Page Promo Guide

Bringing people to a facebook fan page and getting them involved needs carefull and fine-cut content strategy. And with the edgerank algorithm lurking and manipulating user reach, the whole game turns into advertising bonanza for social marketers that want results in two twos. Facebook promotions consist a strandard approach to increase fan acquisition and engagement. But which of the 4 presented types is the best working for each goal.

Facebook Engagement Tips

Some simple tips for not heavy geared marketers who are seeking a path to improving engagement rates for their facebook fan page.

What Is The Value Of A Facebook Fan

Do you think you can estimate your facebook fans value? Be cautious, you have to consider 6 equations and the way they corralate with your brand.

What Your Facebook Page Says About Your Business

You are what you…? Your Facebook page is a dynamic extension of your company with its own personality. Read some do’s and dont’s for the various tools provided.

The Cost Of Marketing On Facebook

With a pool of more than 8KK potential customers you should reckon with the cost of marketing on facebook for sure. It is estimated as much as 1$ per like.

Social Media Makes The Sale

Creating trust with your customers through your social media channels is more than likely that you’ll make the sale. Social interaction can drive ecommerce leads on holiday.

Facebook Fan Page Timeline Tutorial

A quick tutorial to help you cope with the new facebook fan page timeline.

Anatomy Of The New Facebook Pages Brand Timeline

FB keeps changing. Look into the anatomy of the new facebook pages timeline to get an idea of the branding specs that will help you improve audience engagement.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2012

Nice, quick and easy pinboard guiding you through a path of 17 tips for facebook administration competency.

Facebook Ads Guide 2012

Amazing for the new comers – useful update for the old ones. Read a great and comprehensive overview of the various Facebook advertising options an online marketer has in hand. BKV media team calms the confusion.

How Edgerank Works

A very comprehensive and simply put reference to the Edgerank algorithm. First time to hear? It’s Facebook’s backbone – what you should reckon with if you are seeking popularity and fan engagement. Go read it!

Social Media Image sizes Cheat Sheet

Simple but utterly handy when you are tweaking your social profile and elements’ size is your major concern and worry.

Facebook Engagement Metrics

Find here some easy statistics for the most engaging pages on Facebook, an engagement formula revision as well as some thoughts on social actions that could be part of your metrics

Engagement Is Real Metrics

Here are useful formulas for social marketing metrics valid for all platforms, proving that social engagement is measurable and tangible. Utilize and analyze the results of your social efforts.