Better Facebook Post...

Timing, wording, diversity, inspiration and engagement motivation are some key factors for effective marketing on Facebook. Taking it further to social metrics analysis and benchmarking against competitors’ pages helps to learn what works. Get some guidelines for fine tuning facebook posting.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2012

Nice, quick and easy pinboard guiding you through a path of 17 tips for facebook administration competency.

12 Facebook page mistakes

Mind the Gap! Meaning your gap with Facebook platform. Quick reference to 12 most common absurdities you should avoid both as user and fan page administrator.

Facebook And Twitter Roi

It’s good to get social. It’s better to implement a social media strategy. But all the best is to measure the results of your efforts and keep claiming your fans & followers.

Facebook Insights Anatomy

Useful tips about monitoring and management of your facebook campaigns with some special reference to exposure rate metrics.

Social Media Measurement Model

Follow the 5 pillars of this simple model to measure your online marketing success through social channels.