VOIP for Business

This report examines the evident shift to VoiP services in the enterprise environment presenting the reasons that make VoiP more business-friendly that traditional landline.

SAP Data Archiving Benefits

Together with the big data boom comes the case of data archiving. Dolphin, as a SAP specialist, presents the big picture of data management in ERP systems as a prerequisite for high performing corporate operations.

Social Intranet Tools

Big organizations are big communities with their own communication needs. See how social interactivity integration in intranet infrastructure compares to regular tools implementation.

Women Business Owners Jul20

Women Business Owners

Women have the power. In the past 15 years there has been 54% growth in the number of women owned businesses showing significant revenue results. Read about their rest achievements in professional life.

Cloud Impact And Adoption 2012-2015

Predictions about the impact and adoption of cloud services for software vendors and enterprise IT.

Enterprise Mobility 2012 Jun12

Enterprise Mobility ...

This report takes a deep dive in the past, present and future of mobile industry. You will find strategical forecasts, expenditure schemes, technological trends, market analysis etc.