Startup Business Survival

Statistically, longterm success rate for startups is gradually sinking over the last decades in the US. Persistence in satiated business sectors might be a reason for this downturn. See which are the best industries to start a business.

Big Data Retail Analytics

Find out the challenges to big data analytics that result from the explosion in smartphone and social media use in retail sector. Get a quick idea of big data resolution and how retailers can leverage the collected information to align their investments with their maketing efforts.

7 Digital Tactics For Ecommerce Personas

You should reckon with these 7 creatures when setting your ecommerce strategy.

Social Commerce

Are users ready to switch “traditional” eshopping over social commerce? What are the prerequisites?

Black Friday 2012 Recap

A quick recap on how online retail markets performed on Black Friday 2012 compared to data from 2011.

Social Media Makes The Sale

Creating trust with your customers through your social media channels is more than likely that you’ll make the sale. Social interaction can drive ecommerce leads on holiday.

Social Commerce Psychology

Social commerce helps shoppers make smart purchases according to 6 common rules defined by psychology science.

Online Success Guide

9 key elements to build your online marketing strategy and stay focused on the main route.

Product badges and labels

Product badges can improve your conversion rate significantly as they are highligting product or deal attributes that deserve extra attention. Find some design and usage tips that will add up to your e-commerce strategy.

Tablets and e Commerce

One more report that focuses on the impact of tablet devices in shopping culture showing clear evidence that new generations love buying on the go.

M-commerce vs E-commerce

Retail spending habits are transforming. Consumers are getting even more engaged with their mobile devices and they seek for greater control over shopping experience. Learn about the latest trends in online and mobile shopping.

Social Media & Online Shopping

6500 US conusmers were surveyed about how they use mobile devices and social media from product research to purchase decision and in-store experience.

Mobile Commerce In The Us

The rapid rise of smartphone and tablet usage has consequently resulted in substantial changes of consuming behavior.Read about the latest trends of the US mobile commerce market.

Couch Commerce

Couching can be “productive” for your time, pleasant for you ego and expensive for your wallet as long as you consume with the help of your tablet. See interesting facts about changes in consumer behaviour after the burgeoning of table market.

In Store Pickup Jul03

In Store Pickup

Ecommerce thrives and even more customers do product research online. However great portion prefers to pick up the order on their own and get optimal in-store experience. Controversial – isn’t that?

Unselfish Online Reviews Jun25

Unselfish Online Reviews

More and more consumers are flocking to online review sites to share their opinions and experiences. Reviewers are scarcely motivated by tangible rewards. Don’t you wonder why they’re doing it?

Amazon is cheap and big Jun09

Amazon is cheap and ...

Amazon is the number one retailer worldwide. The online sales “Giant” founded by Jeff Bezos promises the lowest price and keeps remarkably thriving showing impressive figures. Is all that buzz at no cost?

Mobile Payments, Com...

See here how mobile devices have altered the way we do shopping and the way we pay. Did you see my wallet?