Choosing a Charity

Choosing a charity to help is a big deal. Discover what you can do to maximize the power of your donation.

Leave your Mark with a Will Mar28

Leave your Mark with a Will

When the “time” is closing family and friends are the first to think. However, before reaching our fate and taking the path to the sky we can generate a positive effect on people aside our relatives. All we need is love and solidarity.

Social Fundraising 2012

Social media and especially Facebook have largely contribute to the efforts of non-profits for fundrainsing. Read a comprehensive 2012 recap for social giving and crowd funding.

Social Media Impact on Society

Utilizing the social media power for social good is the next challenge in uniting people for a common cause. Have a look at successful social campaigns and learn how to implement a social cause strategy.

Blood Donation Saves

Who doubts that blood donation is a social responsibility? It counts knowing that you can save a fellow’s life with just 1/3 of a pint!

The Future Of Social Activism

Young adults prove to be more social active having essential concerns and sternly supporting causes they care about. Is this due to hard times call?