Medicine Over Time Oct03

Medicine Over Time

In 60 years time medicine and health industry in general has evolved by leaps and bounds. However, challenges never end and both professionals and the medical industry have new conquests to pursue as a result of modern way of living. See what changed within these 60 years.

Community Care Online

Over 65 million people in the US serve as caregivers for aging loved ones and those with chronic disease or disability. Lotsa Helping Hands, an acitve voluntary online community that supports solidarity, presents its operational scheme and shows how caregivers receive help that powers them to offer help.

Leading Causes Of Death In The US Aug17

Leading Causes Of Death In The US

Influenza and pneumonia were world’s most disastrous diseases in the past. What are today’s most frequent fatal diseases? See an interesting timeline graph.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Funding for reseach and treatment of neglected diseases pales in comparison to first-world impacted ones like HIV. See some disappointing comparisons!


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