Rejected Social Media Sites

See the 10 social media networks that fell flat and the reasoning behind the failure according to We are firmly reserved with the Google Plus case as its integration with the Google Search and other verticals strongly supports its potential as a hard social player.

Social Sharing Button Playground

Social traffic is a hard game with many options. See here a quick evaluation of the most popular social sharing platforms that can help you strategize your marketing channel mix.

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

An overview of the most popular social platforms on a cheat sheet with pros,cons and how-to’s. It’s time you come out!

Social Media A History Nov14

Social Media A History

Social media aren’t a new story but just the evolution of online communication in our fast moving sicieties. Here is the whole history.

Social Media Demographics

Steadily increasing usage worldwide shows remarkable figures about social media demographics.

Stumbleupon Page Lifecycle

Stumbleupon strides in the US! It’s more than 3 times of the facebook average time that a user spends. Should you reconsider your social media strategy?