Mad Men Career Comparison

It’s one of the greatest TV show hits theming the American advertising industry in 60’s. On this sheet you will see an illustration of major changes happened in the advertising industry during the last 50 years backed with the Mad Men series spirit.

Cannes Lions 20 June 2012 Jul03

Cannes Lions 20 June 2012

The buzz created on the 3rd day of the Cannes creative media festival including some fun facts, collective statistics, winning trends and award statistics. See also the crowning of “the media person of the year”

Cannes Lions 2012 Recap Jun29

Cannes Lions 2012 Recap

The week overview of the most creative festival in Cannes. The hottest topics, the top tweeting coutnries, the buzz-iest days & hours and more.

Cannes Lions 19 June 2012 Jun20

Cannes Lions 19 June...

The second day recap of the great advertising festival including awards stastistics.

Cannes Lions 18 June 2012 Jun20

Cannes Lions 18 June 2012

The first day of the Cannes Lions 2012 – the greatest creative media festival. Here you will find the agencies by country, a partial festival’s timeline from 1992 and some buzz figures for the opening day.