International Advertising Mistakes Dec05

International Advertising Mistakes

While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, advertising a business internationally may induce laughter rather than sales. Take a look at this infographic to see mistakes for advertisements that took a different turn when advertised in countries other than their own.

Ads for the People! Feb11

Ads for the People!

This report outlines the advertising from the consumers’ perspective. According to this report, only 3% of the 500 surveyed individuals consider the claims in ads as accurate. The majority is wary due to use of smarty tricks from advertisers. Discover what makes an ad resonate with consumers’ brand perception.

Anatomy Of A TV Commercial Feb05

Anatomy Of A TV Commercial

Break for commercials! We love them, we hate them. One way or another it’s a whole industry and here are the numbers for the US market.

Modern Marketing Conception Nov12

Modern Marketing Conception

This infographic illustrates the sensitive balance of modern marketing as a process between artistic and scientific approach. Sometimes it’s just a matter of creativity, intuition or even taste, some other it’s more in strategy, tactics or data analysis. But at the end it tends to be a mix of both.

Cannes Lions 18 June 2012 Jun20

Cannes Lions 18 June 2012

The first day of the Cannes Lions 2012 – the greatest creative media festival. Here you will find the agencies by country, a partial festival’s timeline from 1992 and some buzz figures for the opening day.