Facebook Ad Creative Sizes

Facebook Ad specifications have largely changed since the launching of advertising options. This fully packed guide will keep you in the loop with the most updated ad sizes, dimensions and text length.

Periodic Table of SEO Success

This is an update to the primary SEO table originally compiled by Search Engine Land, that became a world reference for seo community as it encapsulates the core of search engine optimization concept. Major changes refer to factors such as duplicate content, structured data, authorship integration, weight of links’ anchor text and social signals.

Html5 Event Handler cheat sheet

New and existing event handler content attributes list for the new HTLM5 web standard.

Html5 Browser Support Cheat Sheet

Cross browser compatibilty is one of major factors a web developer should consider. See which browsers support syntax in HTML5 standard.

WordPress The Loop Template Cheat Sheet

See how the core content template Loop works on a circular process and what its main parts are.

WordPress Help Sheet

Find a collection of major wordpress php snippets for header and templates, basic template files, plus extra stuff. A quick help on your tweaking efforts.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part1

The first part of the html5 canvas elements for quick reference. 2D context, Compositing, Transformation.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part2

The second part of canvas elements in HTML5 like Colors, Text, Paths etc.

The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

An overview of the most popular social platforms on a cheat sheet with pros,cons and how-to’s. It’s time you come out!

Html5 Cheat Sheet

All about tags attributes & browser support in HTML5

WordPress Administration Cheat Sheet

Dive into the deep of the wordpress administration. A long segmented list of templates, tags, attributes, parameters and values.

Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Ok. No graph, no creativity here. But it can help you ease and speed up Gmail works avoiding the hum-drum.

Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Learn how to cook or do it even better! A handy reference guide for cooking lovers just to be on the safe side. Extra food storage tips at the bottom. To find a printer-friendly A4 size version of the cheat sheet please click the publisher link on the left.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

The quickest and most essential overview of 9 of the most popular social networks for new comers. Learn their vantage and pitfall, the basic glossary, their engagement efficiency.

WordPress Theme Breakdown

Deep down the Wordpress sanctuary? Don’t be afraid knowledge is power. A cheat sheet for how a WP blog works.

Social Media Image sizes Cheat Sheet

Simple but utterly handy when you are tweaking your social profile and elements’ size is your major concern and worry.

Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet

The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. Follow these 7 basic rules when you craft your online campaign.

Web Applications Security Cheat Sheet

Data breach could cost you a fortune compared to investment in integrated security scheme as a precaution measure. Find top keynotes for building secure web applications

Facebook Promoted Posts cheat sheet

Facebook freshiest feature helps page owners to increase their reach rate and the engagement in turn by promoting posts. Not for a penny!

Creating A Facebook ...

Follow the path to find the basic route for your social launch on facebook network. No need if you are an advanced user.