The Patent Wars Jan24

The Patent Wars

And the battle begins! See here a really complicated diagram of the backstage relations among the top tech companies.

How To Start A Business

Do you belong to the freshiest, restless generation? Do you think you have a fabulous idea for a startup? Follow these 7 basic steps.

Where Does Your Seafood Come From

Seafood is one of the major parts in the food chain. Can you think which country holds the greatest export share and what’s about the whole industry behind?

Real Estate Crash Re...

See the changes in the US real estate market. Prices keep falling but trends and current economy context denote imminent recovery phase.

A Quick Guide To The Asian Startup Scene Dec19

A Quick Guide To The Asian Startup Scene

Do it like the Asians. Find out the hottest startup spots from Eastside.

What Does It Take To Get A Job At Google

It takes 9 steps to go through the Google recruit filter and get the job you’re dreaming. Know your before apllying.

Negotiation Tips

if you are fond of power when dealing for money or benefits with the other party, these negotiation tips will help you get what you want.

Limited Company Vs Sole Trader Aug20

Limited Company Vs Sole Trader

Either you run an Ltd or a one-man business you are into the small business world. But what are the major differences between these two options?

Women Business Owners Jul20

Women Business Owners

Women have the power. In the past 15 years there has been 54% growth in the number of women owned businesses showing significant revenue results. Read about their rest achievements in professional life.

Brand Colors speak your Business Jul04

Brand Colors speak your Business

Color in branding is decisive to succesful marketing campaigns. It costs next to nothing to choose the right colors for your company. Have a look on this mini tutorial.

Who Are Freelancers? Jun28

Who Are Freelancers?

Freelancers power the outsourcing. This infographic illustrates the greatest outsourcing countries as well as a breakdown of freelancers by occupation.

Twitter For Business 2012

Well, ok – this is not the best infoGRAPHIC in terms of styling. But it worths to read these twitter stats from the business point of view.

HR block social media

HR managers should likely reconsider their in-house social media policy and realize that they might narrow business potentials. See it from a new angle – it’s not as bad as you think.

Senior Leadership Training

Candidates for the upper management fall short in key leadership competencies. Some training directions are given to smoothen the disparity with the established skill standards. Finally great leaders are more than talented managers.

Inside The Mind Of A Freelancer Jun22

Inside The Mind Of A Freelancer

Being a freelancer might sounds risky, but having solid thoughts in your mind about your prompts and choices will finally treat you professional bliss.

Video Games Industry In Trasition Jun19

Video Games Industry In Trasition

Retail sales of computer and video games are on their lowest level since 2006 while digital delivery is becoming increasingly important. However, the big money is still in traditional video games.

Educate Leads And Sell Jun19

Educate Leads And Se...

The process of nurturing leads to as sales-ready state is all about educating them. Look into these 5 distinct sale stages and learn your lesson twice! Who said that selling is hocus-pocus?

Make video for business

Being a timed marketer means that you realize the full potential of video making as a super power channel for sales boost. Watch here the reasoning.

10 Commandments Of Pinterest For Business

Pin it, pin it, win it! The whole world is pinning. Are you gonna do something? Pinterest can bring the traffic you are craving for. But you have to do it right. Follow these rules.

Online marketing lag for small businesses

Even today small businesses and sole traders are lagging behind when it comes to online marketing. Is that due to lack of funding or resources, daunting projects or just ignorance?