Biggest Conservatory in the World

It’s a matter of size and scale. Britons have built the biggest conservatory in the world and they have been featured in the Guinness World Records for this feat. This graphic give us an idea of what it takes to make a tropical ecosystem under the British clouds.

Amazing Elevators

Guys from Gartec made this compilation of some of the most amazing elevators around the world to show us installations that stand out either by height, or speed, or size or even crowding.

Pioneer Steel Buildings

It’s been 100 years since stainless steel was produced for the first time. Here you see 16 representative examples of outstanding steel constructions from around the world.

Under Green Roof

Going green is a mainstream concern for most of the metros in developed countries around the world as a provision for a more sustainable world. How about looking green? Discover the benefits of turning a dull cityscape into a grassy field.

Engineering Skills Gap UK

Applications are open. Engineers wanted in the UK! Availability of trained and skilled engineers falls short according to this survey conducted in 2011 by IET. And Knovel comes for good knowing how to benefit from the situation.

Famous Olympic Buildings

These constructions are some of the most elaborated, inspired and costly setups built to host olympic events around history since 776 BC.

Energy Efficient Buildings

Existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s total primary energy consumption. Learn how energy efficient buildings can help in sustainability.