How the World Lunches

Get to know some interesting historical facts about lunchtime, table etiquette and ingredients used in meal preparation for lunch in Japan, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Sunsets Around the World Nov13

Sunsets Around the World

Check out this photo compilation of enchanting sunsets from 24 of the most popular cities around the world and travel with your mind.

Mother vs Father Day Spending

In the wake of the Fathers Day celebration, it fits good to see how the world spends on these occasions and how they stack up against each other. Contrary to what most of us would expect, it’s not the US that ranks 1st in spending per capita. Any guess?

Brazil’s Thriving Economy

Today, Brazil represents one of the fastest and most up and coming economies in the world. Brazil is about to host the World Cup and the Summer Olympics in the next couple years. These two events will significantly change its infrastructure.This infographic depicts how far Brazil has come economically and where they will be going.

Social Gaming in Brazil

See how Brazilian social gamers stack up against their American counterparts. According to this report based on research from NewZoo social gaming is a fast growing market in Brazil.

Chocolate of the World

Do you dare to think a world without chocolate? 284.000 children who are working on cacao farms might have already dreamed that. Taste the sweet and bitter side of chocolate production and consumption.

Benefits of Nuts

Scientific evidence shows that nuts have been part of the human diet for 780,000 years. There must be something magic inside.