Sitting and You

Can our sitting posture tell things about our personality ? Guys from “” compiled this humorous infographic in an effort to decipher 10 sitter types and reveal some of their distinct traits. Which type of sitter are you and your co-workers?

Workplace Complaints

Is everything fine at work ? Are you seeking the missing employee complaint box? According to this report by eJ4, 1 in 3 employees have something to declare about their superintendent. Guess what.

You and Your Boss

Are you happy with your boss? Would you use his portrait for target training with your pins? No matter what’s your case, WorldWideLearn presents an illustrated version of workers’ job and boss perception survey conducted by

Psycho Boss

Your boss is 4 times more likely to a be a psychopath than the average person. If you feel that your boss is killing you slowly read the facts about workplace insanity presented here.

Boss From Hell Jul17

Boss From Hell

Is your boss a psychopath at large? Surely you have a million of words to say but remember he’s the one who pay you. If you cannot beat it try to win it.

Is Your Bad Boss Killing You?

Find your boss profile and deal with management incompetence before ending up in the emergency room!