Homes From Tales

Always dreamed of knowing more about the house of Bilbo Baggins or Sherlock Holmes ? Take a trip to 9 of the most iconic homes from popular classic tales.

The Zombie Industry

They are sloppy, slow and a bit scary, but we still like them. We are talking about zombies, of course and the industry around them. Get an idea of the dollars spent on zombie movies, books, games and events. It’s a zombie nation out there!

Futuristic Books

Thank God! In year 802.701 world will still exist. Name it science fiction, prediction, speculation or even reality. This advanced infographic presents a very interesting timeline of books and their authors from the past with a predictive view on various aspects of human life.

The Fall of Travel Guide Books

Not long ago, once you decided to go abroad, travel guide books were the soft and secure option to get prepared and learn things about the country you would visit. But now…? Things are turning more and more wired – or even wireless. This infographic looks at how travel guides have changed over the centuries.

Bible Sales Worldwide

Holy Sales! Here is a presentation of sales data regarding the Bible and various surrounding best sellers of the christian media industry.

Knowledge in History

From primitive times when humans foraged and struggled for survival to our modern world with stellar technological advancements, man has developed various systems for recording, sharing and spreading knowledge. See the means that helped people to progress throughout history.

Learn Children Read

This infographic spotlights the importance of learning children to read adequately till the 3rd grade as the basis for progressing and successfully completing high school education.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

A simpe popularity mapping of the US smashing bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Writing the Perfect Book

It’s not the magic recipe but at least this could be your starting point to the path of writing the perfect book that will smash among reader communities worldwide.

How A Book Is Born

If you are wondering you can turn a bright idea to a book see this flowchart that could make your thoughts a best-seller.

The Trend Of E Readi...

On this sheet you will see some facts over the increasing popularity of e-reading. Is just a trend or a practical alternative for the modern lifestyle?