Coconut Oil Treatments Apr30

Coconut Oil Treatments

Discover the cosmetic properties of coconut oil and its benefits for hair, face and body with this these 17 beauty tips.

Celebrities Skin Care Secrets

This infographic unleashes the secrets of great looking stars of Hollywood and their lifestyles right from diet, clinical treatments, home made silly sounding and yet unbelieveably simple practises to ensure great skin.

Beauty Vs Happiness Sep05

Beauty Vs Happiness

Does being or remain beautiful secure the golden path to happiness? Does investing time and money in cosmetic treatments payoff with success or satisfaction in one’s life. Read this before visiting a plastic surgeon.

Are You Irresistible? Jul21

Are You Irresistible?

Your Tango polls its readers trying to examine what makes them feel more irresistible. See the qualities and standards that boost men’s and women’s attractiveness and drive personal affairs.