Iconic Halloween Costumes

Twerkin’ Teddy is deemed the most popular costume for this year Halloween. But how about looking back in 1983 and the Princess Leia dress-up? See some of the most iconic costumes from 30 years of Halloween history.

Hollywood Prequels

Do you find that sequels enhance and progress the basic story of movie series or they just replicate without justifying their release?
See some representative examples of Hollywood creativity or idea recycling history “hand-picked” by TexasElectricityProviders.

Clark Kent Superhero Economics

In view of the forthcoming release of Superman’s sequel “The man of steel”, guys from Net Voucher Codes evaluated the cost of being the Last Son of Krypton – as well as mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent. They found out that the Man of Tomorrow is by far the thriftiest superhero around!

DC vs Marvel Superheroes

The eternal battle of the two titan superhero comic companies. See how their superhero movies have performed in US Box-Office through the last 5 decades.

Gotham City Villains Evolution

Starting from 1940 as a comic till nowadays in its full media perspective, this is the timeline of the super-villains who are troubling our black super-hero.

The Cost Of Being Batman Aug03

The Cost Of Being Ba...

It would cost x times the savings of one’s life to run the batman ‘business”. Calculate your economics to enter the bat-world. You can always start from the staples buying a pair of bat-gloves for just $150

Brief History Of Batman

A really informative infographic that takes you deep down the batcave starting from 1939 tlll nowadays.

Batman Suit History Jul20

Batman Suit History

We love Batman and all the Bat-Culture. Enjoy the illustrations of the bat-suit and its variations through time since May 1939.

Batman vs Spiderman undisguised Jul10

Batman vs Spiderman undisguised

This ins’t what makes a hero but what a hero makes. Get to know better the financial state of the most famous superheroes undisguised.