Measuring Intelligence in the NFL Oct31

Measuring Intelligence in the NFL

Physical qualifications are of top value for NFL players but aside that they need a concrete base of mental power to achieve high performance as individuals and part of a team. Meet the smartest players of the NFL according to Wonderlic test scores.

NFL Billion Dollars

With this report you get an overall view of how the business behind NFL works to make dollars with little to no return to revenue authorities through the taxation system.

MLB Payrolls 2012 Oct09

MLB Payrolls 2012

A comparison of MLB baseball teams winning / losing to their payouts.

Preventing Sports Injury

Football is the most risky sport activity in terms of injury occurrences with baseball and soccer following at a close distance. What is really impressive is that the majority of sport injuries happen while practicing rather than during the official game takes place. However, most of these unfortunate incidents are preventable. Give this a kick!

Tailgating USA

80% of the USA population tailgates – that is over 240 million people! This infographic is an in-depth look of tailgating at Football stadiums and NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) .

Miguel Cabrera Stats 2012 Oct09

Miguel Cabrera Stats 2012

The golden boy of baseball. Miguel is the first player that got MLB Triple Crown since 1967 putting him in the Baseball royalty. Discover his records and how he made it to the top.

MLB All Stars Social...

Taykey has gathered social activity data all around the major social media platforms to show American Baseball League players’ scoring in social buzz.