The World Of Mobile Apps

Apps blast! A whole industry on the move. Some interesting statistics on how people consume the mobile apps and what’s the economy behind this.

The History Of Facebook’s Developer Platform

The treasure of Facebook apps. It all started in 07 with a 65 developers flock and now emploies 232K people yielding 15.3 KKK in the EU economy.

Loyalty And The Smartphone App

Some quick figures to realize the effect of smartphone Apps on customer loyalty.

Intelligence On Goog...

Cloud computing is a tunring point of the digital era. Could you estimate the volume of information stored online?

A Look At Android

Some interestng facts & figures about Android, the most popular open source mobile OS.

The Web App Development Process

Devloping a descent and promising web app is a serious task that requires to consider all phases of a process. Here you can find a quick guide.

Popular Freelancer Tools

Do you run a one man show business? Best Vendor questioned 97 freelancers about their apps and software recommendations. Who knows, you may find your next digital masterpiece!

Personalized Data Usage Jul21

Personalized Data Usage

Social sites, search engines and applications are increasingly using your information in an effort to provide personal web experience. Are you aware of the type, method and usage of data drawn by the back-engines? Learn how they do it for 6 of the most popular social networks.

Skype Prevails In An...

The most popular video calling application on Android skyrockets reaching the record of 70 million downloads.

Facebook App Economy

The most popular facebook app has reached 50 million fans. Do you think that that’s all for nothing? No way – it’s all about money.
At first it was the innate need to reconnect with people you missed, then the easement to follow social events and after the flame of sharing your thoughts. And now you ended up buying virtual goods and paying for nothing? Dont’t worry there’s something positive inside, go on click!

Html5 Evolution

Here is the timeline of the HTML technology and an overview of key features and implementation efficiency.

Web Applications Security Cheat Sheet

Data breach could cost you a fortune compared to investment in integrated security scheme as a precaution measure. Find top keynotes for building secure web applications

iOS App Design Guide

A best practice iOS app design guide that will bring designers and developers to peace.