7 Deadly Sins Of Mobile Marketing

Don’t be sinner with mobile marketing. 7 no rules that will keep you safe from damaging your brand.

Smartphone Penetrati...

When phones get smarter numbers get stronger. Go over smartphone market penetration comparisons over key countries.

The evolution of smartphones

Once upon a time smartphones used to be just phones. Enjoy a short journey to the smart evolution

Android vs iOS Social Activity

Quite obvious what you are gonna find here. A cross comparison between the two leading mobile OS “leagues” as far their efficiency to propel users’ social interaction.

Breakdown of Android Users Oct05

Breakdown of Android Users

7 things you wanted to know about about Android users but were afraid to ask.

Smartphone Users Profile

The majority of smartphone users are devoted to their devices feeling anxiety being even on meter far from them. But what are their traits, their habits, their attitude? Hot stuff for online marketers.

How To Become App Developer

Mobile Apps is a growing market. If you are thinking of entering the field then this guide might be a nice start.

Android Touches iOS

According to this review from Statista, Kindle Fire has helped Android OS to cover the gap with iOS in the US tablet market.

Android Malicious Apps

Trend Micro – the leading web security company published this report to pose a worry among mobile users about the usage of personal data stored and collected by sneaky Android apps.

Clash Of mobile platforms

This report illustrates the most popular mobile platforms’ market share as well as some history of legendary platforms’ life-cycle.

The Apps Explosion

It’s all about the mobile technology domination. By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects. Apps’ enterprise integration is the next episode for mobile devices. See these impressive figures and start planning for tomorrow.

Couch Commerce

Couching can be “productive” for your time, pleasant for you ego and expensive for your wallet as long as you consume with the help of your tablet. See interesting facts about changes in consumer behaviour after the burgeoning of table market.

Html5 For Marketers

HTML5 has come for good. If technicalities are not your favorite, reading this sheet you’ll get a quick look over the combined benefits for marketing.

Email In Motion

Ok ok ok, you know a lot about email marketing and you realize its power. Do you know the trends about inbox on the go? Do you know how many of your subscribers are strictly mobile openers? Do you optimize your mails for mobile devices? Enough – click and learn about the email revolution!

College students love mobiles

A deep breakdown of the students’ mobile habits. They are never far from their smartphones, they cannot separate from them – mobiles are their hands’ second nature.

Android And Jelly Be...

Jelly Bean is the code name for the expected Android upgrade in July 2012. Google likes go crazy but Karl took it to the edge by illustrating a comparison between facts of true jelly beans and the digital one.

Mobile Phones Usage Jul01

Mobile Phones Usage

New behavioral patterns emerge as we enter the post PC Era. This report shows the trends in mobiles’ usage considering local and cultural differences.

Skype Prevails In An...

The most popular video calling application on Android skyrockets reaching the record of 70 million downloads.

Facebook App Economy

The most popular facebook app has reached 50 million fans. Do you think that that’s all for nothing? No way – it’s all about money.
At first it was the innate need to reconnect with people you missed, then the easement to follow social events and after the flame of sharing your thoughts. And now you ended up buying virtual goods and paying for nothing? Dont’t worry there’s something positive inside, go on click!

Game Of Phones

A well-timed paraphrase of the famous series and the clash of the Kings of Smart-phones. Let’s have iOS for the Lannisters and Google play for the Starks. Is that ok?