South African Tourism Industry

South Africans shine in tourism growth despite the global hard economic context. SA tourism has rised twice as much as the worlld tourism growth rate for the 1st semester of 2012. It seems that their efforts with 2010 FIFA World Cap didn’t fall flat. See the facts as reported from Fly First.

Suicide in America Statistics Nov09

Suicide in America Statistics

This rerport outlines the devastating situation of suicide deaths across the US counties with demographic analysis and special reference to youngs, military personnel and particular population groups.

Damaged iPhones Spending Sep21

Damaged iPhones Spending

They love them, they cannot separate them and they’re willing to do what it takes to keep them in hand. $5.9B is the amount accounted to total spending for damaged iphones in America. Read the breakdown of this damage story.

American Utility Companies

Survey that examines the sentiment of 200 consumers against their utility company services and development strategy.

Independence Day Quotes

Quotes about the most famous national holiday in the US including population growth, patriotic place names and presidents’ surnames popularity in population.