Taxes on Vices

The government seems to delight in taxing the vices of it’s people. Anyone who buys alcohol or smokes cigarettes can attest to that. This infographic looks at sin taxes across the nation.

Excise Tax in US History

Do you have any idea of how much we shell out on taxes for pleasure products like alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and marijuana? Let’s see how much we would save from tax excise if government was less greedy with our pocket and learn from the the tax history in the US.

IQ and Alcohol Consumption

According to a number of studies childhood intelligence and alcohol consumption inclination during adulthood are directly correlated .
The findings indicate that it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol consumption, not all the things that accompany intelligence.

Whisky Flavor Chart

Irish, Scottich, Canadian or American? If you relish drinking for pleasure, selectiveness is likely your rule. Find here a collection of 18 distinctive whiskey flavors and their common traits.

Good Carb And Bad Carbs About Your Diet

The carbohydrates are the main energy source for our bodies. What makes them good or bad really?

The Science Of Getting Drunk

Gone with the wind! Drinkers go through the same biological process till they hit high intoxication scores. “Com’on treat me a shot!”

Gay Lifestyle Facts

Gay men and Lesbians are evidently passionate consumers.They enjoy indulging themselves with luxuries while their habits and taste frequently deviate from the ones of their straigth counterparts. But how do the two “worlds” compare in drinkng, eating and nightlife attitudes?

Common College Crimes

Entering college life you are actually breaking the last bulwark of careless teenage years and start facing real life. Learn about common crime stats and tips that can help you stay on the safe side.

Make cocktails at home

Learn here how to make cocktails at home like a professional bar tender. Either you are an alcohol lover or just an occasional drinker I bet you’ve been always dreaming of being that super party-hero guy.

The Biology Of A Han...

A quick and simple overview of the “getting high” process and some tips to eliminate the effects of a hangover. If you do it, do it the right way!