HIV Positive Stats 2011 Dec12

HIV Positive Stats 2011

An overview of the situation with HIV positive infections worldwide and the progress that has been made with antiretroviral treatments on fighting deaths from AIDS.

Tech Company Ad Spends

A “cityville” layout is used here to show the increased spending of tech companies on online ads and promos during 2011. Expectations are that in 2012 internet advertising will top on the second largest medium after TV.

Trends Of New Electronic Products 2011

Refers to last year’s entries of electronic products but we all know that technology is times ahead. Interestint conclusions about the growth and direction of electronic market can be derived.

Social Recruitment In China

Online social networks are immensely popular in China. This on-going trend has important windows of opportunities for organizations both for branding and recruiting purposes. A 2011 survey that shows the latest state of online media for business in the far East side.

Trademark Growth 2011 Jun05

Trademark Growth 2011

Here you will see some interesting info over the registry classification of trademarks as well as some global statistics for the new registrants.