Student Athlete Concussions

Sports and recreational activities account for 21% of concussions developing to head trauma among American children. Find more stats about concussion occurrences on student fields, learn about the immediate and post-traumatic symptoms, how to recognize them and how to deal with an injured player.

NFL Draft Stats Apr19

NFL Draft Stats

NFL Draft 2013 is closing. Maybe you’d like to have a look at some stats and facts about the top ten picks since 2002, pro bowl starters of the last 5 years who came from the draft and the top ranked players of the hard NFL combined test.

Grand National Horse Race Facts Apr08

Grand National Horse...

Mirror UK in co-operation with Trinity examine 165 years of Grand National history to hunt down the trends and find out just what makes a Grand National champion.

Sports for Humanity Mar20

Sports for Humanity

Sports as a form of exercise could directly save 1.9 million lives every year. According to World Health Organization 60% of deaths worldwide are preventable if humans would adopt a healthier lifestyle with more physical activity.

David Beckham Empire

Check out this David Beckham infographic illustrating his financial state, brand value and details of the perks he enjoys as a football legend brand ambassador.

Biking in Denmark

Denmark is deemed to have the world’s safest bicycle facilities. What is behind the established national bicycle culture and what makes Copenhageners cycle like mad?

Speeding on Snow Feb20

Speeding on Snow

What if you were rushing to work in a heavy snowed town? What would the best transport mean choice to get ther in time? This infographic give us all the speed details as far the various winter sports putting them against a traditional car.

Super Bowl 2013 Mobile Activity

Aggregated data from the MillennialMedia platform about the way Super Bowl viewers used their mobile devices during the various phases of the game.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United Record Feb19

Real Madrid vs Manchester United Record

A retrospective over the records and performance that the two football clubs have achieved so far stacked up head to head. Fandoms please put any hatred aside.

Nike Mobile Apps

Follow the version history run race of Nike apps starting from 2008 with NIke Goal till the today collection of 13 total active apps.

Hass Avocado Super Bowl

Hass Avocados are very popular among Americans showing a big jump in consumption of about 888% from 2000. Consumption surges during big game periods like Super Bowl. Do you see any relation?

Preventing Sports Injury

Football is the most risky sport activity in terms of injury occurrences with baseball and soccer following at a close distance. What is really impressive is that the majority of sport injuries happen while practicing rather than during the official game takes place. However, most of these unfortunate incidents are preventable. Give this a kick!

Super Bowl + Real Estate

What a correlation! NFL teams that have gone to the Super Bowl many times tend to come from cities with high real estate prices. Teams like the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, and New England Patriots are highly successful in terms of the number of times they have made it to the Super Bowl and come from cities with absurdly high home prices.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Records Jan21

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Records

Wherever football is part of a nation’s sport culture, legendary rival team combos are met. As far the Spanish league Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two predominant football clubs and eternal rivals. On this report you’ll see an overview of their performance in La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Champions League, their title records as well as various comparison stats and highlights.

Tennis Technology Advances

A nice collective representation of the advances that have taken place from 1100 till nowadays in tennis technology involving Racket, Court, Ball Tracking, Pointstream and 3d Motion tracking technologies.

La Kings Dec25

La Kings

An overview of the famous LA Kings hockey team spirit with some history.

Cheerleaders Injuries Dec21

Cheerleaders Injuries

This report presents the extent of severe injuries that cheerleaders undergo while on duty and raises a concern about classification of cheerleading as sport so that they can receive advanced training and medical care services.

Workout Recovery Importance

Recovery time is a crucial part of workout activity. Read some good reasons that will get you not to overlook its importance.

Snowboard Chronicles

Did you know that snowboard has its origin Turkish culture? From sleazy snurfers to elaborated jib rockers with hi-tech materials, here is a chronicle for the fluffy-white fandoms.

Crossfit Gymnastics

What do you know about Crossfit? It is defined as the “sport of fitness” by its developer Greg Glassman and is much promising in terms of improving physical condition. Learn more about the method and the benefits.