Html5 Browser Support Cheat Sheet

Cross browser compatibilty is one of major factors a web developer should consider. See which browsers support syntax in HTML5 standard.

WordPress The Loop Template Cheat Sheet

See how the core content template Loop works on a circular process and what its main parts are.

WordPress Help Sheet

Find a collection of major wordpress php snippets for header and templates, basic template files, plus extra stuff. A quick help on your tweaking efforts.

WordPress Pitfalls

A quick look at 15 pitfalls a new wordpress user might meet with if critical settings and best practices are overlooked.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part1

The first part of the html5 canvas elements for quick reference. 2D context, Compositing, Transformation.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part2

The second part of canvas elements in HTML5 like Colors, Text, Paths etc.

Html5 Tags

A well organized table list of new, existing and unsupported tags in HTML5

Html5 Cheat Sheet

All about tags attributes & browser support in HTML5

Html5 Sectioning Flowchart

Sectioning content elements and friends in HTML5

Google Play Developer Guidelines

Dedicated to App Developers from Google Play with love. This graph outlines the major changes and additions made to the Goole app market policy in an effort to dicipher development implemetation and secure a more transparent user interaction.

HTML5 Games vs Flash Games

The angry birds against the bloons! A face to face feight for weighing up the ins and outs of HTML5 and Flash in the online game industry.

WordPress Administration Cheat Sheet

Dive into the deep of the wordpress administration. A long segmented list of templates, tags, attributes, parameters and values.

The Anatomy Of An Effective Homepage

Your homepage transmits the first impression. It’s time you learn the basics about creating homepages that rock.

How To Speed Up WordPress

If you utilize Wordpress either as blog or cms you will love this. Speed up your pages to reach better conversion rates and engagement.

Responsive Mobile Website

Find here the essentials for building a responsive website ready for the mobile wave that’s coming upon us. The future of your site will largely depend on its mobile performance soon.

Html5 Vs Flash

And the wrangle goes on. Nice illustrated dialogue between the confident Mr. Flash and witty Mrs HTML5 arguing for their technical competency in the ever evolving web development environment.

Critical Website Features

ROImedia gives a quick refresh on the grassroots of a “Gooooooood” website. Quite basic but you cannot ignore it.

HTML Version History

Back to basics when the big H defined the web and sparked the birth of modern internet technologies. Go through the 4 generations of HTML.

US Politicians Love WordPress

Quick and easy figures showing that wordpress platform as CMS thrives among politicians’ and other governmental institutions’ online projects.

WordPress CMS Popularity

Report on Worpress web market penetration that documents its dominance as a powerful CMS platform against its rivals Joomla and Drupal.