Friend or Unfriend on Facebook?

What are the true incentives of friending and unfriending on Facebook? How gender diversifies social networking bahavior? Questions that find their answer here.

Social Mobile Risks

It may sound kind of intimidating but reading this presentation you will find that there are risks from using social media apps on your handset, starting from network load and energy consumption to your wallet and emotional stability.

Facebook Button Ideas

Do you feel like hitting your head on the wall when you read your facebook wall? Who doesn’t? Here are some suggestions for complementary buttons that may help us survive from the foolish updates. Just think the power in your hands with a “I don’t care” button!

Twitter Lingo 101

A collection of 15 commonly used terms on Twitter network that form the active lingo of engaged twitter fans – especially helpful for social media marketers who want to finely tune in community’s conduct,

Social Business Benefits

Modelling a business with social logic is more than just entering social media. It’s about interconnecting operations and people in a way that will benefit both brands and communities.
See how 3 companies made it happen.

Oscars 2013 on Facebook

Oscars lights are off now but it would be interesting to see the films and artists that moved facebook users and created the most social buzz before the ceremony opening.

Google Plus Vanity

Since the initial spurt right after its launch, Google plus has shown reasonable growth and has been well accepted by several robust brands. But according to this social activity breakdown report for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+, it seems that the latter falls behind in user engagement.

Cyberbullying Statistics 2012

See what teens say about cyberbullying and which are the main attack-channels that parents shoud take into consideration.

Media Channel Guide

Media may lift you up in heaven but they may send you down the drain at the same time. Learn how to leverage their power, manipulate their representatives and gain a vantage ground for your brand or yourself.

Grammy Nominees Social Buzz

Grammy 2013 awards already belong to history. Let’s see how 6 of the most nominated artists performed in social media activity before the show based on aggregated data monitored by SilverPop.

Gain More Retweets

Getting more retweets and increasing your reach is not that hard. You just have to follow some basic community rules and tried best practices.

Rejected Social Media Sites

See the 10 social media networks that fell flat and the reasoning behind the failure according to We are firmly reserved with the Google Plus case as its integration with the Google Search and other verticals strongly supports its potential as a hard social player.

Social Commerce Trends 2013

What’s the next step after settling social presence for an online retail business? According to this report social commerce leaders have set the path to the direction of social shopping features integration as part of an e-commerce site’s funcitonality.

Social Resume Breakdown

Social media are more than fun and sharing. Their popularity as recruiting tools has increased considerably. Putting your resume on social platforms is like opening the big gate to potential employers. Learn how to do it.

Social Fundraising 2012

Social media and especially Facebook have largely contribute to the efforts of non-profits for fundrainsing. Read a comprehensive 2012 recap for social giving and crowd funding.

Pin Explosion

Pinterest keeps charming online users and especially women. Pins have become a strong interwebs memes and Pinterest network has ramped up 3rd across the other social media giants within a surprisingly short period of time. See the highlights for the fastest ever growing network.

Facebook Addiction Fact Or Fad

Find out how big our social media problem is, why is there and signs and facts of addiction. Like?

Social Media Highlights 2012

A nice recap of social media activity for 2012 as collected and grouped from Addthis, including highlights for service growth, celebrities’ and movies popularity, top buzz tech words and most shared events.

The State Of Social Media 2012

Social media have been utilized for various purposes from private and business activities to politics and activism. Here are some highlights for 2012.

The Who Why And How Of Twitter

The anatomy of the most popular microblogging platform is here. Twitter is the most direct online media to reach your friends or even customers.