SEO for Mobile Search

Mobile use keeps rising and so does the mobile search. Businesses should lean on mobile search strategy to secure future marketing opportunities and respond to the new challenges of the mobile web. Discover the best practices in mobile web optimisation.

7 Deadly Sins Of Mobile Marketing

Don’t be sinner with mobile marketing. 7 no rules that will keep you safe from damaging your brand.

Smartphone Penetrati...

When phones get smarter numbers get stronger. Go over smartphone market penetration comparisons over key countries.

Mobile Landing Page Tips

With mobile internet users outreaching desktop users in 2013 according to speciallists’ estimations you should start thinking optimizing landing pages on the mobile version of your site. Don’t you have one? Run!

Mobile Phones in Marketing

Have a quick view on the timeline of mobile technology evolution and the utilization in marketing with milestones starting from its infancy in 19th and 20th century.

Mobile Shopping by Gender

1100 men and women declare their habits over mobile shopping and USamp gives us a comprehensive report on their activity.

State of Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones’s usage and the involved mobile is rapidly increasing. New technologies pop out offering new potentials in the way marketers reach and communicate with their audience. Microsoft Tag highlights some interesting mobile market facts.

M-commerce vs E-commerce

Retail spending habits are transforming. Consumers are getting even more engaged with their mobile devices and they seek for greater control over shopping experience. Learn about the latest trends in online and mobile shopping.

Facebook mobile ads

What’s the economy behind the Facebook ads? Especially the little, tiny, teeny-weeny mobile ads. According to this report people don’t like to click on FB ads, but they do LIKE to tap on the mobile ones.

Mobile Commerce In The Us

The rapid rise of smartphone and tablet usage has consequently resulted in substantial changes of consuming behavior.Read about the latest trends of the US mobile commerce market.

Narrowcast Vs Broadcast

Is bigger always better? This report suggests mobile marketing as the most preferable choice in terms of true audience reach and argues based on the following facts.

Consumers susceptible to Mobile Marketing

People are getting more and more familiar with new mobile technologies and are ready and open to calls for action if they feel trust for a brand. Mobile channels are a top priority opportunity for online marketers. See the state of present and future mobile usage among users together with some behavioral analysis.

It’s A Social Mobile Shopper World

Even more users share their purchases on the social networks through mobile devices. But which network is most attractive to shoppers? Hey you marketer! Don’t forget that social reference plays major role in the buying decision process.